Best wishes, Peter Chang (Hong Kong)




某天在背包客棧討論區上看到包友推薦的不丹當地旅行社(Inostan Viajes Tours)資料,抱著姑且一試的心態發了封Mail詢問相關資訊。(因先前發信問過其他包友推薦的旅行社,結果均石沉大海…)











Best wishes, Peter Chang (Hong Kong)

Carol Freund New Jersey, USA

I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Bhutan with Indostan Viajes Tours. They provided courteous and friendly service. The tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable, and was a pleasure to have as a guide through spectacular scenery in this most unique country. The guide gave a clear sense of the friendliness, openness and genuineness of the Bhutanese people.

Everything, every last detail, was well planned, and there was also room for flexibility and spontaneity in activities. The guide really made the trip an exceptional experience in such a spectacular country. I would very highly recommend Indostan Viajes Tours to anyone interested in an experienced, personable tour of Bhutan

Carol Freund New Jersey, USA


Thank You for all the travel arrangements to Bhutan. Bhutan would remain one of my most memorable holidays. I was received and welcomed by Mr. Bhim  at the Paro Airport in a traditional Bhutanese style with a silk stole. Its amazing that there is such strong emphasis on the promotion and preservation of Bhutan’s unique culture across the country. I gathered from Bhim about the Gross National Happiness, and the country’s deep routed Buddhist faith and their sense of contentment is due to their self-sufficient lifestyle. Bhutan is a must visit for all nature lovers. The travel & Hotel arrangements were great – my personal favourite would remain ‘Mandala Resort @ Paro’ with breathtaking views of mountains from the room. Bhim was extremely courteous and was an excellent tour guide! Thanks to guide for the hospitality extended – Kaadinchhey La Bhim ! I would surely recommend Indostan viajes Tours to all friends who plan to visit Bhutan.


Yen Yoon Chong, MALAYSIA

Due to flight cancel, delay, schedule change, we only have a short n rush visit to Bhutan in dec 2014.but I m very impress with the trust worthiness n sincerely of the tour agency Indostan Viajes Tours. They assisted us everything that we need and dedicated us executing their duties n all places of interest of the area.
Vim, he is really good jolly fellow, friendly, sincere. He do all his best for us, remember the 1st night we arrived Thimphu, he invited us to his house n have a typical Bhutan food dinner, and lets us wear their national costume “Gho” n “kira” .Before the depart night, in the hotel, he invite the Bhutan traditional dancer to perform the local culture, to entertain us..Under his bill. I am very much touched n appreciate. Over all they provided excellent services.
I highly recommended them… 2 thumbs up!

Yen Yoon Chong, MALAYSIA

Regards,   Laura Mo (Uruguay)

Bhutan is a country I have been wishing to visit for many years. I have read and watched a long list of documentaries about Bhutan. My will to visit the country increased more and more. When I finally visited Bhutan, it was better than I had imagined it to be. People are really kind and friendly. Children are “so cute and friendly.” Everybody respects each other and values and takes care of nature. The Bhutanese perception of time is slightly laid back. 

Bhutanese are slower. Nobody is in hurry. People just live and enjoy the present. Culture is highly valued and respected. You can enjoy the dances, architecture, clothing and costumes. There are also many historical and beautiful temples. The landscapes are filled with amazing mountains, rivers, pine forests, under an incredible blue sky with the most pure and clean air I have ever breathed. A fresh breeze is always present and moves thousands of colorful prayer flags of good wishes that you can find in valleys, towns, forests and even in the capital city Thimpu. 

I have a great time in Bhutan! I really recommend a visit to this country if you want to have a great and different experience. I exclusively recommend local travel agent (Indostan Viajes Tours) that provided me this satisfying opportunity. The tour guide was brilliant and I was exposed to original Bhutan.  

Regards, Laura Mo (Uruguay)


I get known Bhutan this country thru the article in the newspaper. After reading the article, the impression in my mind that, this country is a gross national happiness country. If I got a change I will visit this country, although I don’t know where this country location is.

This year Dec 2014 I have join a tour to visit Bhutan which organized by agency Indostan Viajes Tours. for 4 day 3 night, but unfortunately the flight from Nepal to Paro have cancelled due to the technical problem and this have make me very upset cause my Bhutan trip have cut short and the next day the flight delay and I keep on asking myself and I able to go Bhutan? Thank for the blessing of Buddha, finally I arrived Bhutan. 

We get passionate reception from agency Indostan Viajes Tours guide and he have showed us the clear sense of the friendliness, openness and genuineness of the Bhutanese people. During my short trip at Bhutan, everyday is full of happiness and joyful; our group members very enjoy the trip although our time in Bhutan is very limited. The tour guide is very professional in introduces the beauty, the historical and the culture of his country and he also well arrange for us to explore as much as the place we can visit in 3 day 2 night. The schedule is well arrange and also flexibilities due to the current conditions. 

The person who like blue sky, white clouds, huts, Dzong, Temple, the natural beauty, forest, culture and historical, can make a plan to visit Bhutan, the holy Heaven.

The service provided by Indostan Viajes Tours is Excellent. Those who visit Bhutan. I highly recommend Indostan Viajes Tours and Treks


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