Yen Yoon Chong, MALAYSIA

Due to flight cancel, delay, schedule change, we only have a short n rush visit to Bhutan in dec 2014.but I m very impress with the trust worthiness n sincerely of the tour agency Indostan Viajes Tours. They assisted us everything that we need and dedicated us executing their duties n all places of interest of the area.
Vim, he is really good jolly fellow, friendly, sincere. He do all his best for us, remember the 1st night we arrived Thimphu, he invited us to his house n have a typical Bhutan food dinner, and lets us wear their national costume “Gho” n “kira” .Before the depart night, in the hotel, he invite the Bhutan traditional dancer to perform the local culture, to entertain us..Under his bill. I am very much touched n appreciate. Over all they provided excellent services.
I highly recommended them… 2 thumbs up!

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