Regards, Laura Mo (Uruguay)

Bhutan is a country I have been wishing to visit for many years. I have read and watched a long list of documentaries about Bhutan. My will to visit the country increased more and more. When I finally visited Bhutan, it was better than I had imagined it to be. People are really kind and friendly. Children are “so cute and friendly.” Everybody respects each other and values and takes care of nature. The Bhutanese perception of time is slightly laid back. 

Bhutanese are slower. Nobody is in hurry. People just live and enjoy the present. Culture is highly valued and respected. You can enjoy the dances, architecture, clothing and costumes. There are also many historical and beautiful temples. The landscapes are filled with amazing mountains, rivers, pine forests, under an incredible blue sky with the most pure and clean air I have ever breathed. A fresh breeze is always present and moves thousands of colorful prayer flags of good wishes that you can find in valleys, towns, forests and even in the capital city Thimpu. 

I have a great time in Bhutan! I really recommend a visit to this country if you want to have a great and different experience. I exclusively recommend local travel agent (Indostan Viajes Tours) that provided me this satisfying opportunity. The tour guide was brilliant and I was exposed to original Bhutan.  

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