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With its lofty mountains and dense jungles, Bhutan is rich in FLORA and FAUNA by manifolds. It is today one of the major qualities Bhutan is described for and celebrated as a tourist destination. It has always been so. The discipline the peaceful nation has upheld warrants no doubt Bhutan is among the very few countries in the world with an ideal and persistent policy in preserving and conserving the biodiversity. The total land area of the Himalayan Kingdom is 38,394sqkm. It is the Bhutan government’s policy mandate of conserving 60 percent forest coverage of the total land area. Today the country enjoys forest coverage of 70.5 percent.
About 39.6 percent of the total land is “protected areas,” while nine percent of the total land area is marked as the biological corridor. Bhutan boasts of 5,603 species of angiosperm and gymnosperm. There are 579 different wild orchids and 46 types of rhododendron recorded. Some common sights for the visitors are the magnolias, junipers, orchids of varied hues, gentian, medicinal plants, daphne, giant rhubarb, the blue poppy which is the national flower and tropical trees such as pine and oaks. Around 300 species of herbal plants are also found.
The special treatment to vegetation, on the other hand, augments wildlife to greater pinnacles. A wide range of animals could also frequent the virgin jungles of Bhutan. Around 200 mammal species are found in Bhutan. The geographically mountainous country is also safe for the significant Royal Bengal Tiger that is at the verge of extinction.
Some high altitude species are the snow leopards, the red panda, the gorals and the langurs. The Himalayan black bear, sambars, the boars, barking deer, blue sheep, and the musk deer are also common. Bhutan is a birder’s abode with 678 species recorded. Winter is good time to watch the endangered migratory bird, the Black-necked Crane. The Himalayan nation is a habitat to the White-bellied Heron as well, to your surprise.

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